Acureomics AB

Acureomics offers metabolic profiling in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries. These fields hold enormous potential for enhancing the drug discovery and development processes in the pharmaceutical industry and opening up new possibilities for diagnostic approaches and personalized medicine in the healthcare field.

Simultaneous development of therapeutic, diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers is particularly advantageous for evaluation of clinical trials and for more individual-based, personalized healthcare. Acureomics has several projects and collaborations to find novel indicators for various diseases.

The following services are provided by Acureomics:
- Metabolomics for the diagnosis of disease, and severity of disease
- Metabolomics to provide validated insights into the complex biochemical processes in disease, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis
- Metabolomics to evaluate existing drugs or treatments for new indications
- Metabolomics for developing and evaluating new chemical entities (CE)

: Nils-Johan Trygg

Contact details
Tvistevägen 48, BOX 7995, SE-90736 Umeå, Sweden
Phone: +46 70 - 395 56 01