• Agrisera

    Agrisera is a Swedish company specialised in polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production services, from antigen design to affinity purified and labelled antibodies. We offer 1000 different primary antibodies for plant and algal cell biology research and over 2000 secondary antibodies for various applications and in various quantities. For animal cell biology, we mainly concentrate on antibodies for ALS, Alzheimer and cancer research.

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  • Bionema

    Bionema provides a non-toxic effective treatment for many pests in your garden and on your window sill. We produce and sell insect parasitic nematodes (roundworms) as a means of biological pest control in greenhouses, nurseries, market gardens and outdoor cultivation. The nematodes are used for plant health and crop protection measures by private and professional growers, as well as by Umeå University and SLU.

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  • SweTreeTechnologies

    SweTree Technologies provides innovative technologies to significantly improve the value and productivity of trees. We focus on genes that will improve tree growth, wood and fibre properties and on ways to produce sterile trees. This will create unique business opportunities for forestry, paper- and pulp industries as well as packaging, hygiene and textiles. Our products and technologies improve the productivity and performance properties of plants and wood for forest owners and fiber related industries.

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