The new biotechnology house in Uminova Science Park

Biotech Umeå - a very special climate

Biotech Umeå is a fast-growing cluster of life science companies and academic research groups in Northern Sweden. The Umeå region, with its cutting-edge research, has become an exceptionally productive source of such companies, many of which are international leaders within their fields.

Combine this with close collaboration, access to expertise in commercializing scientific findings, a well-oiled innovation system and an environment that appreciates and encourages new ideas. The results speak for themselves. In just the last five years, the number of life science companies in Umeå has increased by 100 percent.

Areas in which the Umeå region excels:

- infectious disease research

- diagnostics and medical technology

- plant and forest biotechnology at Umeå Plant Science Centre

- neurological diseases

- metabolic disease research

With over 3000 people employed in life science companies and academia, Umeå has a critical mass of expertise, research, innovation, entrepreneurs and venture capital that benefits everyone.


The Umeå region

The Umeå region offers a number of important benefits for life science companies looking for a place to establish operations. Umeå is home to two universities:Umeå University, the largest university in northern Sweden and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The universities share a campus just a few minutes from downtown. Both have long traditions of interdisciplinary collaboration, with each other and with institutions outside of Umeå. Another key resource for research and development is University Hospital of Umeå, which is located next door to the campus. The city also hosts a department of the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), one of Europe’s leading institutes of defense and security research.

The city is an administrative and technological center, where businesses benefit from one of the world’s most extensive broadband access networks. Domestic and international connections are excellent, with several one-hour flights daily to and from Stockholm, as well as regular train service.