Today there are no effective antiviral drugs available for treatment of severe adenovirus infections, thus there is an unmet medical need. Fortunately, the number of patients suffering from severe adenovirus infections is low and the indication has the potential to be designated with an orphan drug status.

Eirium was founded 2012 as a spin-off company from Umeå University, and today we have a close collaboration between chemistry and virology expertise. We aim to address this unmet medical need by developing novel anti-adenoviral compounds to reach the market and the patients in need. At the moment, we have identified several small molecules and have an active IP strategy. By development a whole-cell based screening assay, we have discovered several potent anti-adenoviral compounds with low cellular toxicity. Thus, we have optimized our lead compound class that we presently are assessing in animal models.


Contact: Mikael Elofsson

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Sjöfruvägen 13, SE-90751 Umeå, Sweden