Environmental Biotech

  • ALcontrol Laboratories, Umeå dept.

    ALcontrols department in Umeå performs laboratory analyses and self-control program to monitor and ensure the quality of our client’s food and water production as well as environmental analysis. We also offer targeted consulting services in these areas.

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  • Exposmeter

    ExposMeter is an R&D company that supply products and services for sampling of persistent organic pollutants, metals and phosphorus. Furthermore Exposmeter also offer services regarding investigation design and strategies, chemical analysis of pollutants and data interpretation.

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  • Pelagia Miljökonsult

    Pelagia Miljökonsult is an environmental research and environmental technology biotech company. Since the start, in 1990, the company has specialized in biological analyses of fresh, brackish and saltwater, as well as analyses of soil samples.

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