Explizit AB

Explizit is an IT-specialist company and our goal are to contribute and offer knowledge and IT support for businesses, society and individuals to achieve continuous improvement and efficiency.

Explizit provides the following services:
- Application Partnership: secures and develops your applications to full functionality and continuity, from development to operation.
- Booking and Planning: specializing on online booking-solutions with advanced requirements for user interfaces, payment flows etc.
- Chemicals Management: helps companies and organizations to meet the legal requirements on chemical handling.
- Design and Development: develops functional and useful IT solutions.
- eGovernment: develops smart and effective solutions for utilities in the public sector, for example, various IT services for schools and healthcare etc.


Contact: Dan Edman, CEO


Contact details
Nordlandergatan 15, SE-93133 Skellefteå, Sweden
Phone: +4610 - 709 91 00