Are you looking for a Contract Research Organisation to support drug development? We are specialized in solving complex research questions using interdisciplinary cutting-edge-techniques.

With a renowned expertise in biotechnology and life-science, we can support and enhance your product development. We have QA/QC programs in place. Our partners include international pharmaceutical companies as well as enter-prises in an early stage. FOI is your advanced research partner with a unique profile of research groups covering all needs in the early stage drug development.

Areas of in-house research capabilities:
•Protein characterization and assay development
•Macromolecular structure determination and modelling
•Quantitative and qualitative analysis of bioactive compounds
•In vivo infection models for preclinical evaluation of antimicrobial com-pounds and vaccines
•Models for lung diseases
•Models for skin penetration studies
•Synthesis of bioactive compounds for preclinical testing and reference compounds for analytical use

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Contact details
Cementvägen 20, 901 82 Umeå
Phone: 090-10 66 00