Medirob AB

Medirob AB is a Swedish medtech company specialized in robot technology. Medirob has developed two systems for cardiologic ultrasound examinations; Medirob Ergo and Medirob Tele.

The purpose with Medirob Ergo is to reduce work-related injuries of the sonographers. This is accomplished by Medirob Ergo holding the transducer of the ultrasonic machine during the ultrasonic examination.

Medirob Tele is an integrated system enabling advanced ultrasonic examinations via link or internet.

With Medirob Tele, the health care sector can build specialists centers with the capacity to provide service to several healthcare centers and thus provide high quality healthcare while reducing costs.


Contact details
Gymnasievägen 16, 931 57 Skellefteå, Sweden
Phone: +46 910 70 20 80
+46 910 70 21 20