Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics AB

Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics can add value to your businesses by bringing forth the valuable information from your data. Our vision is a world where innovative multivariate solutions create value from data, enabling better decision-making and process excellence.

Sartorius Stedim Data Analytics produces software for Multivariate Data Analysis and modeling (MVDA) and Design of Experiments (DOE). Furthermore, we develop software for design of experiments and multivariate data analysis for the individual user, online continuous and batch processes. As a result of close collaboration with advanced research in the field of multivariate technology, we have a deep and extensive understanding of industry-specific applications, and offer user-friendly software. In addition to this, we provide training courses and consulting.


Contact: Erik Johansson


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Box 7960, 907 19 Umeå
Phone: +4690 18 48 51 / +4673 682 48 51