Pelagia Miljökonsult

Pelagia Miljökonsult is an environmental research and environmental technology biotech company. Since the start, in 1990, the company has specialized in biological analyses of fresh, brackish and saltwater, as well as analyses of soil samples.

Frequent assignments include surveys of benthos, phytoplankton and zooplankton, periphyton and fish, and also environmental value investigations. The company also designs and conducts environmental impact assessments, recipient monitoring and performs contract research in the environmental field. Pelagia Miljökonsult has clients belonging to the mining industry, wind power entrepreneurs, municipalities, fish farms, country administrative boards and others.


Contact: Peder Larsson


Contact details
Strömpilsplatsen 12, Sjöbod 2, SE-90743 ,Umeå, Sweden
Phone: +46 90 - 702 170