Uminova Innovation AB contributes to commercialising business ideas. We offer a structured process and personal support, networks and a creative setting. Focus is on business ideas from researchers, employees and students at the university and hospital in Umeå and on innovative ideas from companies in the region.

Start a company

Do you have an idea or life science application with business potential? We recommend that you get professional support as soon as possible. Remember that publishing your scientific results could negatively affect your chance of attaining a patent. Your first point of contact might be:

Uminova Innovation

Uminova Innovation helps you to test and develop your business idea and build a growing company. We provide important knowledge, network and a business coach who challenges you to think BIG. Completely free of charge.

Umeå Biotech Incubator

The Umeå Biotech Incubator is an entity that can help you push forward your ideas with as much of the ingredients you require as possible. It will provide the right environment (including lab facilities) and expert advice to help your commercial idea achieve success where possible. The idea is to have a gathering of diverse projects and to enable interaction between projects. So if you are an organic chemist making a biologically active recombinant protein and you require extensive expertise in cell biology and cell culture—that cell biologist may be next door.