Strålen AB

Strålen is a privately owned research and development company based in Umeå. We work in close collaboration with medical research and clinical doctors at the University hospital in Umeå.

Our focus lays on improving “targeting radiation therapy” in the area of prostate cancer. We are currently developing a new product and technique to place markers into the prostrate. The product is currently at a prototype phase but has been patented.

Other possible products that we are looking at includes:
- New type of markers which suit today’s techniques better than gold markers.
- New technique in separating the rectum from the prostrate before radiation and hence avoids side effects.

The company was formed 8 years ago by 5 individuals which all in all have extensive experience and skills within prostate cancer treatment and the Scandinavian and EU medical device market.
We are seeking partners interested in developing and introducing the products to the appropriate markets.
Contact details
Phone: +46768146075, +46705366766